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How to Fix Luggage Handle?

How to Fix Luggage Handle?

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Imagine that you are on a trip and somehow, the handle of your luggage broke up. Now, what will you do in that situation?
You will either find a man to repair it or do it yourself. The convenient option is to do it by yourself.
It will take less time, save your money, and enhance your repairing skills. But now, many people are wondering how to fix the luggage handle. 

Today, we will discuss the complete guide of luggage repair, so that you do not need any third person to do so.
If the handle is damaged, you can also get the new one and install it in your suitacase. Let us discuss the methods and products in detail.   

Method to Fix Luggage Handle

The method of repairing will be different for various parts in the handle. You need to check what is wrong with the handle and pick the right thing you need to repair. 

Broken Push Button

The Push button on the handle may get stuck inside, and you won’t be able to expand it.
Initially, you have to check the type of screws through which the handle is well-attached.
Get a screwdriver to take out all the screws and handle. It requires some patience, but you have to do it slowly and steadily. 

Ensure that you keep all the screws safe with you because you will need them later after you fix the button. If you observe that two parts of the button are separated, you have to repair it using superglue. Apply it to the surface to attach it to the button. Do it again with another piece. Keep it for some time to let it stick completely. Now, assemble everything along with the screws.

  • Stuck Tubes 

The tubes can get stuck when the Push button is doing well, but the handles are not budging with less force.
You may need to apply too much force to take it out. In this case, the tubes are stuck, and you need to grease them well.
Remove all the screws and start detaching the handle from your luggage tubes. Observe a sleek metal rod, i.e., stick to the tubes, and it is coming out of it.
You can extend the handle with these rods. 

 Reposition the rods you observe inside the holes within the handle to connect them to the push button.
If this process doesn’t work, then you must check another problem. You need to push down the metal rod and start extending the tube.
If it extends, the problem is with the handle. You can solve the problem by greasing the tube.
If you observe any debris inside the rod, then you must remove it. 

 You can use oil or soap for greasing. Keep it for at least 15 minutes, and then try again to extend the tubes. If it works, then push the rods down and pull up the tubes. Assemble all the screws at their place and use them with ease. But somehow, if the issue didn’t fix, then you need to replace the handle system completely.

  • Replace Any Loose Screw

If any tube falls out, then there is a possibility that may be a screw is loose. You can repair it quickly by using a screwdriver. You need to tighten the screw of the handle in the tube. 

  • Change the Telescopic Handle

Check how the handle is connected to the suitcase. The process of repairing depends on how it is attached.
You can replace it only when you have a drill. Make sure that the rivet hole must be larger than 0.5mm. Make a hole and take all the screws out.
Remove the handle and tubes slowly and steadily. 

If rivets are attached to the suitcase, then you do not need to remove them.
Replace it with the new one by placing the tubes as it was in the old handle. Align the tubes very well and
 fasten the screws.
Apply some oil or lubricant on the tubes, and try to extend the handle. 

  • Buy Perfectly Measured Replacement Handle

Plenty of replacement handles are available on online platforms. If you want to pick the right one, measure the dimensions, and get a new one with the same measurements. You have to check the handle width, tubes’ width and height, and distance within two tubes. 

  • Repair or Change the Carry Handles

The process of replacing the carry handle is quite easy than the telescopic.
You need to detach the old one and attach a new one with two screws.
If you have a suitcase with lining, then you have to remove it before fixing it. You can easily rip it off or make a hole to access screws.
The width of the new handle must be the same as the old one.  

 In case of repairing of the soft suitcase, the fabric-made handle can easily be sewed.
On the other hand, the broken plastic-made handle can be fixed with superglue. Apply the glue and leave it for a minute by holding it tight.  

Best Luggage Handles

  1. Super Ma Replacement Suitcase Luggage Handle Grip


Super Ma Replacement Suitcase Luggage Handle Grip


This handle grip is made with zinc and plastic alloy, which is quite comfortable to hold.
It is perfect for suitcases, cases, luggage, guitar bags, etc. You can install it easily by fixing it with screws.
When you pull the handle, you can easily change the length of the handle. It is a perfect replacement for your old broken one.

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BQLZR Suitcase Luggage Case

It is another perfect replacement for the broken handle of your suitcase with a comfortable grip.
Install it with screws by using a screwdriver. The handle’s length is 20 cm, which is commonly used in suitcases, cases, luggage, etc.

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MroMax Luggage Handle Pull

This handle model is available in 4.92-inch length with 2.17-inch thickness.
It is available in only black color in plastic design. It is wear-resistant and anti-corrosive. You can attach it to suitcases, luggage, boxes, cases, etc. 

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  • Agora Luggage Handle Extension 

You can Agora handle extension to extend the handle up to 5 Inches to avoid back pain. The grip handle is soft and comfortable. It is easy to install by three snaps for fastening the handle. It is wear-resistant and anti-corrosive because it is made up of durable nylon. 

  • TCH Black Briefcase Plastic Handle 

It is a black plastic handle by TCH with hardware in steel. The grip is quite comfortable for every user. It looks like a stitched handle, made up of leather. It is perfect for briefcases, luggage, guitar cases, etc. The length is 5.93 inches.

The Bottom Line 

In an emergency, many individuals do not know how to fix luggage handles.
It is an easy, less time-taking, money-saving, and convenient option. Every person must know how to do it.
Even if you need replacement of handle, then also you know how to do it. 

You can get plenty of luggage handles, but it is important to pick the right one and know the right way to replace it.
This write-up is quite helpful for you to fix or replace the luggage strap handle grip. 

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