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Coleman Pool parts

How to Fix Coleman Pool?

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Coleman pool is a mini above-ground swimming pool for both kids and adults. If you are throwing a pool party, then it is a must to have it in your lawn.
The installation and maintenance processes are quite difficult because it is hard to detect problems, and you need to invest a lot of time, effort, and money. 

There are some problems with Coleman pool parts, and you need to fix or replace them to continue your enjoyment.
Let us explore some common issues and get solutions to solve them. It is quite better to do it yourself instead of wasting a lot of money by calling a maintenance specialist for repairs. 

Problems and Solutions

  • Water Circulation

It is necessary to fill up the pool to enjoy swimming. The water flow must be high, requiring less time to circulate water in the Coleman swimming pool. You cannot turn on the tap and wait until it gets filled. You need an inlet water jet kit to do so. It circulates the water well, and you can on and off the water flow whenever required. 

  • Water Draining

Like the filling process, the draining process also needs time, and you cannot wait too long. If your party is over and you won’t be able to use the Coleman pool, then it is better to drain the water completely and make it dry. It is a common problem, and the solution is to use a drain plug connector. It will help in emptying the Coleman pools quickly. 

  • Water Supply

The Filling and draining process is possible if there is a free water flow in and out of the pool. The tap and the outlet can be connected using a hose. It works as an accessory, but it is a must for smooth water flow. 

Best Coleman Pool Replacement Parts 

Intex 26004E

It is easy to circulate water in your Coleman swimming pool by using this jet kit. It works well with filter pumps that provide a flow rate of 1,050-1,900 gallons every hour. You will also get plunger valves to open and close the water flow. You will get one O-ring plunger valve, two 1.25-inch strainer connectors, two strainer grids, and one set of inlet air nozzle in the package.

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Intex Garden Hose Drain Plug Connector

It is a fantastic drain hose plug connector to drain the entire water from the pool.
You can install this model on all the Intex’s Wet and Sand N Sun pools. It will make the draining process quick and efficient.

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Intex Two 1.25-Inch Diameter 59-Inch Long Pump Replacement Hose

It is a useful accessory known as the pump replacement hose.
The package contains two hoses of 59 inches in length and 1.25 inches in diameter.
You can use this accessory for every Intex model of filter pump, i.e., 607 & 637.

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The Bottom Line 

With some Coleman replacement parts’ help, it is easy to fix some of the common problems.
You can use accessories to save your time and money. Prepare your swimming pool for friends and family get-togethers for great fun and entertainment. 

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