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Avoid Counterfeits When You Look for Deals
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Avoid Counterfeits When You Look for Deals

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Nowadays, many people are doing online shopping and get all types of products from various portals. Sadly, many scammers are available on these websites who are selling fake products and services to customers. It is essential to avoid counterfeits to get a real item from your favorite online site. Many people wonder that Amazon third-party sellers are safe, but it is necessary to find whether it is true or not. 

Is Newegg legit or not? Similarly, this question arises for many other platforms. You must become a smart shopper and prevent buying any fake item. You need to follow a few tips to avoid counterfeits when you look for any online portal deal. It is crucial to verify and validate every product, i.e., recommended on the deals page. 

  • Search for Trustworthy Sellers

Two types of sellers sell different products online, i.e., direct and third-party sellers. In most direct sellers, the item you receive is safe and genuine, but there are a few chances of counterfeit. But in the case of third-party sellers, there are more chances of counterfeits because anyone can fraud you by posting cheesy and attractive lines about the product. 

The buyer will eventually get impressed and buy it from the fake seller. It is quite crucial to check the status of the seller on the side of the product description. The name of the person or agency is available on the right side, selling any particular product. Consider reviews of the seller and decide whether to buy or not. You need to be cautious while finding any genuine deal.

  • Go Through Return Policies

Many people know that various third-party sellers sell items without any guarantee. It is an important aspect to check whether the vendor is providing enough years of warranty or not. If any product is available with a return or warranty policy, then you can trust the brand and purchase the item. If you are buying any product from a direct manufacturer, then you will get a warranty for sure. 

  • Consider Customer Reviews

You need to check what other people are sharing about any product. Consider user reviews to know the quality of the item and know more about the seller. If you are getting a high rating on any item, it does not always mean that it is safe to buy it. But ensure that you do not go with low ratings and reviews. You need to research well to know about the status of the product. 

  • Be Cautious in Case You Asked to Change Details

If any seller contacts you indirectly to change the payment mode, or cancel any deal, or anything, then you need to contact the retailer quickly. You should not note the contact number and report it. This happening is a clear indication of counterfeits, and you need to avoid it anyhow. Sometimes, a buyer gets a message of delayed product shipment, and then you might be dealing with a scammer. 

  • Go Through Retailer Policies

On every online portal, you can go through retailer policies regarding fake products and scams. You can also know various ways to deal with it, even on Amazon pots. For example, if you visit the Walmart site, third-party sellers are welcome to sell, and Walmart handles everything. 

It can avoid scams by buying products that are directly sold by Walmart. Similarly, on Amazon, third-party sellers are safe because Amazon offers a return policy and guarantee. There is complete safety if you buy any item from the portal. Whereas, on Newegg, you need to prefer things that are sold by Newegg and avoid all third-party sellers.

  • Check the Product Packaging

If you receive an item in an anonymous packing, then you need to reconsider the deal. There should be a brand logo, no misspellings, design differences, warranties, dates, certifications, etc., on the product packaging. Check for the hallmark in your purchased product to ensure its genuineness. If you find anything different, then it must be a scam or fraud done with the buyer. 

Final Thoughts 

It is easy to avoid counterfeits when you look for any deal on online shopping portals by considering all the tips mentioned above. You can be a part of a scam if you do not look for minor things on the website. It is quite simple to get an idea of fraud if you take care of some crucial things. Save yourself from online counterfeits and enjoy safe shopping. 

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