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You think your Amazon product is fake? there is something to do!

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Buying anything online looks easy, but every time you get a genuine product is not necessary. You might have heard of many people complaining that they got fake products from online portals like Amazon. Any person can get stuck in this condition, and it is crucial to stay away from counterfeits. But what happens if you buy any fake product from Amazon and you need to replace it.

You need to take a long breath and think about some solutions. There is an answer to every question, and therefore, think about what you can do. Today, we will go through crucial things to do when you buy any fake Amazon product.

Go through these solutions and get your money back. If a retailer finds any listed counterfeit on Amazon, it can shut it down. Therefore, it is vital to take action against fake sellers on online platforms. Let us discuss what things you should do for your safety and avoiding non-genuine products.

Do Not Use the Product

If you find anything wrong with the product, then it is better not to use it. Make sure that you check the packaging and open it carefully to detect any problem initially. Any fake product can be harmful to your health, like cosmetics, electric devices, food items, etc. You should keep it aside and look for various ways to complain. While unpacking, you must check the certification of the product and instructions to use it. 

In case of any doubt of risk, you must avoid using it. Counterfeits can do something wrong with the quality and deliver fake products to their customers. It is better if you have any doubt and you raised a complaint against them. You need not accept anything, i.e., harmful to your health. If you have paid money to purchase anything, then ensure that it should be genuine.

Send Complaints to the Seller

If you want a refund, then you need to contact your seller. In case of any purchase, you can ask questions from the seller and send complaints to them. On Amazon, it is easy to send feedback from the website. When you log in to your account, click on your order on the right side. If your seller does not respond to your query, then you can replace or return any item in a promised period. 

Usually, within 30 days, the product you buy is shipped, and you can return it well. The return policy may vary, and the time length can be the same or different. If you think that the return period is over, you can also reach the seller and give feedback about the product. It is crucial to be specific about the reason why you want to return any item. If your reason is genuine, then the seller will initiate your request to return.   

Claim for Guarantee

If you do not get any response from the seller, then you must contact the customer service of Amazon. Claim for the guarantee and ask for a refund of a non-satisfactory product. There is no scope for a refund if the seller has requested the return. A customer gets 90 days to claim the guarantee. While filing, you can highlight the policy in 10-K Securities and Exchange Commission as a liability. 

In various cases, buyers get an amount at a specific limit. Amazon also gives a warning to the investors that they cannot stop sellers from selling fake products. If there is any fault of the seller, then the amount will automatically debit from his account, and he can also appeal within 30 days.

Get Help from Your Credit Card Company

There are chances that you will not get your money back from Amazon. If you do not get any money, then check your payment mode. In the case of a credit card, you must contact the company. 

You can request a chargeback, and the company will send the request to the merchant, and later, it will reach the seller. If you are into a dispute with the seller, you can leave the decision to the bank. Now, the bank will decide whether to refund or not.  

Complaint the Brand

Every brand is concerned about its reputation, and they take care of counterfeits. You can contact the manufacturer and share all the details of the fake purchased product. In this way, the investigation will start to find the wrong seller. The non-genuine seller and its items will remove from the marketplace. 

It is the perfect way to protect the business’s reputation and attract customers by solving their problems. The company monitors how its products are supplying to consumers. In case of counterfeits, the license of the supplier gets canceled.  

Write Feedback for the Seller

On Amazon, the reviews are present on the product page to help a customer. The portal sometimes blocks these reviews, but it does not mean that negative feedback will not be visible. If you are unsatisfied with the product and the seller is not responding to you, you can write feedback against the seller. In this way, you are warning others not to buy the same product from that link. 

Many people go through reviews and trust people who posted negative comments. Next time, when you purchase anything, go for the reputed merchant with high ratings. The bad part is that you cannot replace or refund the item. You have to be cautious while buying anything from online portals.

Replace the Item with an Authorized Seller

You need to check the website of the brand and look for the authorized sellers. It is better if you prefer the authorized sellers to buy any item. Many people do not get into such a hassle, and hence, they get stuck with counterfeits. It is better to be cautious and know from where exactly you should buy. 

There are plenty of third-party platforms in which you can get various counterfeits and fake products. But it is crucial to stay away from such fraudulent sellers. But it does not mean that we should not shop from these websites. The next time when you shop, you must check whether you are buying from a genuine seller or not. In case of any doubt, you must check customer reviews and inspect a bit to confirm.  

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, many people buy fake products from online portals like Amazon. The reason to get stuck with counterfeits is our unawareness and carelessness. But if somehow, you purchase any fake item, then do not get panic. You have to calm your mind and think of better solutions. You must try all the methods mentioned above to either return the item or ask for a refund.

In many cases, your request will accept. But if it did not happen, then make sure that you do not make any mistakes the next time.
Shopping online is not challenging, but you need to take care of counterfeits. You need to spend some time researching about the sellers and determine which item is perfect to buy.
Explore more or get some external help and purchase genuine products from authorized sellers.

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