Discover the Stylish and Affordable Addison Bag by The Drop


The Drop Women’s Addison Soft Volume Top-Handle Bag is a highly rated product with a current rating of 4.3 out of 5. With over 1,200 reviews, this bag has garnered attention for its stylish design and affordable price point. In this review, we will delve into various customer experiences to provide you with a comprehensive overview of this product.

I recently purchased The Drop Addison Bag during the Thanksgiving sales and managed to snag it at a 20% discount. The bag has exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and aesthetics. The soft and supple material gives it a luxurious feel, while the spacious interior comfortably accommodates all my essentials like my phone, keys, mirror, and lip gloss. I particularly appreciate the small inner zippered pocket, which allows me to safely store my cash and cards. The handle is the perfect length, fitting easily over my forearm and adding a cute and dainty touch to my outfits.

Beautiful Quality and Design

The Drop Women’s Addison Soft Volume Top-Handle Bag is highly praised for its beautiful quality and design. With its soft and supple material, this bag exudes luxury and elegance. The Thanksgiving sales offer a great opportunity to purchase this bag at a more appropriate price point. It has enough room to fit all your essentials, including your phone, keys, mirror, and gloss. The small inner zipped pocket provides a convenient space for cash and cards. Additionally, the handle is designed to fit easily over your forearm, adding a cute and dainty touch to your outfit.

Adorable and Spacious

Customers rave about the adorable and high-quality nature of The Drop Women’s Addison Soft Volume Top-Handle Bag. Despite its affordable price, this purse exceeds expectations in terms of both style and functionality. It offers more space than expected, which is a huge bonus for users. The spacious interior allows you to carry all your necessities with ease. Whether you’re heading out for a night with friends or attending a special occasion, this bag is the perfect companion. Its trendy design and durability make it a standout option for any fashion-forward individual.

Chic and Versatile

The Drop Women’s Addison Soft Volume Top-Handle Bag proves to be a chic and versatile accessory for various occasions. Customers who used this purse for New Year’s Eve celebrations with their friends found it to be both fashionable and practical. The bag’s size is perfect for holding essentials such as your phone and makeup, giving you a hassle-free night out. Some customers even express their desire to purchase this bag in multiple colors, showcasing its appeal and versatility. Its lightweight nature and comfortable handle make it easy to carry throughout the night, ensuring both style and convenience.

Roomy with a Small Opening

While The Drop Women’s Addison Soft Volume Top-Handle Bag is generally praised for its roominess, some customers mention a minor drawback. The opening of the bag is relatively small, which caused slight inconvenience when inserting or retrieving items. However, this does not overshadow the bag’s overall functionality and appeal. Customers with an iPhone 13 found that it fits perfectly inside the bag with plenty of space for other items. The lightweight and cute design, along with the comfortable handle, compensate for the small opening. If you’re looking for a stylish bag that doesn’t break the bank, this could be the perfect option for you.

Cute and Quality

Customers describe The Drop Women’s Addison Soft Volume Top-Handle Bag as cute and of high quality. The bag’s soft and smooth material adds to its overall appeal, giving it a great feel. Despite being compact in size, the bag does not compromise on style or functionality. It is a perfect choice for those who prefer a smaller bag for their essentials without sacrificing on quality and design.

Mixed Reviews on Size

The size of The Drop Women’s Addison Soft Volume Top-Handle Bag has received mixed reviews from customers. Some find it to be the perfect size, while others consider it too small. However, it’s important to note that personal preferences may vary regarding bag size. Although a few customers express disappointment with the bag’s compactness, many appreciate its cute and trendy appearance. The soft leather material, great quality, and value make it a worthwhile purchase for those who prioritize style and compactness.

Timely Delivery and Satisfying Experience

Customers express their satisfaction with the timely delivery and overall experience of purchasing The Drop Women’s Addison Soft Volume Top-Handle Bag. They appreciate the product’s quality, style, and functionality. From weddings to date nights, this bag proves to be a reliable and fashionable accessory. With its ability to hold essential items such as phones, small wallets, makeup, and more, it offers convenience without compromising on style. The bag’s softness and durability contribute to a positive customer experience, making it a great choice for fashion-conscious individuals.


  • Beautiful quality purse
  • Super cute & nice quality
  • Super cute and perfect size


  • Small opening
  • The bag is cute, but too small
  • Cheap packaging


    Overall, The Drop Addison Bag is a beautiful, high-quality purse that offers excellent value for its price. It has received consistently positive reviews, with customers praising its adorable design, spaciousness, and soft leather. While a few minor concerns were raised, such as the small opening, these drawbacks did not overshadow the bag’s overall functionality and style. If you’re looking for a trendy and affordable handbag that doesn’t compromise on quality, I highly recommend giving The Drop Addison Bag a try.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Is the purse made of good quality materials?

    Answer: Yes, the purse is made of beautiful and soft leather, which adds to its quality.

    Question: Is the purse spacious enough for essentials?

    Answer: Yes, the purse has enough room for essentials like a phone, keys, mirror, and gloss.

    Question: Can the purse be worn on the shoulder?

    Answer: No, the strap is too small to wear on the shoulder, but it is comfortable to hold in the hand.

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