Fast and Versatile Wireless Charger for On-the-Go Charging


The TOZO W1 Wireless Charger is a sleek and slim charging pad that offers efficient 10W fast charging. With its compatibility with multiple iOS and Android devices, it’s a versatile charging solution for anyone on the go. In this review, I will share my personal experience with the TOZO W1 and discuss its key features.

After using the TOZO W1 Wireless Charger for a few weeks, I must say that I am thoroughly impressed. The 10W fast charging capability is not just a claim on the product description but a reality that I have experienced firsthand. My devices charge up quickly, minimizing downtime and allowing me to stay connected throughout the day.

One aspect that stands out to me is the broad compatibility of the TOZO W1. It effortlessly charges my iPhone, AirPods, and even my Android devices, making it a truly universal charging solution. I appreciate not having to switch between multiple chargers for different devices.

The sleek and slim design of the TOZO W1 is another highlight. It measures only 5mm in thickness and 100mm in width, making it highly portable. I can easily slip it into my bag or pocket without adding bulk. The LED indicator lights are a nice touch, providing a clear visual indication of the charging status.

Sleek and Slim Design

One key aspect of the TOZO W1 Wireless Charger is its sleek and slim design. Measuring only 5mm in thickness and 100mm in width, this charging pad is incredibly lightweight and compact. It’s the perfect size to easily slip into your bag or pocket, making it highly portable. Whether you’re traveling or just on-the-go, you can effortlessly carry the W1 with you. Its minimalist design adds a touch of elegance to any space, whether it’s your desk or nightstand. With its sleek and slim design, the TOZO W1 Wireless Charger combines functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

Efficient 10W Fast Charging

Another key aspect of the TOZO W1 Wireless Charger is its efficient 10W fast charging capability. This charger eliminates the hassle of plugs and cables, providing a wireless charging experience that is both convenient and efficient. With 10W fast charging, you can power up your devices quickly and effectively, minimizing downtime. It’s important to note that for optimal charging performance, a power adapter with a minimum output of 10W (not included) is required. The W1 charger not only keeps your devices charged but also helps keep your desktop neat and organized.

QI Certification and Safety for Sleep

The TOZO W1 Wireless Charger offers QI certification and safety features that ensure a worry-free charging experience, even during sleep. With its QI certification, the W1 charger provides compatibility and interoperability with various devices. It’s designed to protect against over-voltage, over-temperature, over-current, short-circuit, and other potential hazards, keeping your device’s battery safe from overcharge damage. You can charge your devices overnight without any concerns about safety. The TOZO W1 Wireless Charger prioritizes the safety of your device’s battery, providing peace of mind while you sleep.

LED Indicator Lights

The TOZO W1 Wireless Charger features LED indicator lights that change colors, adding a touch of visual appeal to the charging process. The LED lights on the charger breathe and change colors, indicating when it’s ready to charge, charging, and when your device is fully charged. Not only are these LED lights beautiful, but they also provide a visual cue, allowing you to easily monitor the charging status of your device. The LED indicator lights on the TOZO W1 Wireless Charger combine functionality and aesthetics, enhancing your charging experience.

Compatible with Multiple iOS and Android Devices

The TOZO W1 Wireless Charger is compatible with a wide range of iOS and Android devices, making it a versatile charging solution. It supports wireless charging for devices such as iPhone 14/13/12 series, Samsung Galaxy series,


  • Sleek and slim design: The TOZO W1 wireless charger is thin and compact, making it highly portable and easy to carry around.
  • Efficient 10W fast charging: This charger enables fast charging, eliminating the need for plugs and cables, and keeping your desktop organized.
  • QI certification and safety features: The W1 charger is QI certified and has built-in protections against potential hazards, ensuring a safe charging experience.


  • Requires a separate power adapter: The charger does not come with a power adapter, so you will need to purchase one separately for optimal charging performance.
  • Limited color options: While the charger is available in different colorations, certain colors may not be available on Amazon.
  • LED indicator can be too bright: Some users may find the LED indicator lights to be too bright, especially when charging at night.


    In conclusion, the TOZO W1 Wireless Charger is a top-tier charging accessory that delivers fast and reliable charging. Its compatibility with a wide range of devices, sleek design, and LED indicator lights make it a standout choice in the market. If you’re in need of a wireless charger that combines performance and versatility, I highly recommend the TOZO W1.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Is the TOZO W1 compatible with all wireless charging-enabled devices?

    Answer: Yes, the TOZO W1 is compatible with multiple iOS and Android devices, including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy series, Google Pixel, and other wireless charging-enabled phones.

    Question: Does the TOZO W1 come with a USB-C cable?

    Answer: Yes, the TOZO W1 comes with a USB to USB-C cable for power.

    Question: Can the TOZO W1 charge devices with cases on?

    Answer: Yes, the TOZO W1 can charge devices with cases on, as long as they are compatible with wireless charging.

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